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Zimmer, Ventura and Nina: Down on the Farm

Nina who?

Otto Greule Jr

Jason Parks and Mike Ferrin during their most recent Fringe Average Podcast talked about the differences in Kyle Zimmer and Yordano Ventura and their pitches (From around 11:30 to 14:30 and NSFW - f'bombs). Here are some quotes about a key pitch for each pitcher.

Parks on Zimmer:

He is a power pitcher ... For a power pitchers, hitters seem to be able to get their bat on his fastball better than most power pitchers.

"[Fastball] is a true pitch.... great velocity ... lacks deception ... hitters can time to it."

"His command has to be a little bit finer."

I went an looked at a fastball from AA. It is pretty bland (pitch #1).

It will interesting to see how MLB hitters square up against him.

Parks on Ventura:

"We haven't been able to see where the changeup is able to go."

"The changeup is going to be the type of pitch which is a big difference maker for him."

Here is a look at the first change Ventura threw in the majors


Pitchf/x has documenting him throwing 18 changes and it has been fairly successful.

• Nathaniel Stoltz at FanGraphs gives a Rany like mini-book on where minor league relief pitchers come from focusing on Royals farmhand Aroni Nina.

He's 6'4″, lanky, and projectable, he throws mostly 92-95 with some life from a fairly easy, low-effort motion, and he has a curveball and changeup with impressive life. There's some wildness there ....

A fastball at 92-97 mph with some life, a curveball with both power (79-81 mph) and absolutely massive tilt, and a solid changeup with good fade and speed separation. Forget intrigued; I was in awe, more than enough to forgive the fact that Nina doesn't seem particularly interested in repeating his delivery in that video.

Video in question:

Some Nuke Laloosh there ... heat and wildness. Great, just what the Royals needed, another bullpen arm.