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OT: Winter Olympics Friday Open Thread

Bobsleds, luges, slope style snowboarding (TO THE EXXTREME!)! It all starts this week....dear god, what happened to Bob Costas' eye?

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Richard Heathcote

Well the Winter Olympics start this week, and everywhere you can read accounts* of how fantastic and luxurious Sochi is and how everyone is having a great time with no controversies or unfinished hotels of any kind, and definitely no weird toilets.

*From Russian "free" press.

The Winter Olympics has some sports us Americans don't typically follow, like the luge, or speed skating, or "ice hockey". But once every four years, we band together and follow...dear God man!


Wha...what happened to your eye?


I see.

Let's just all agree that Russia is a wonderful, progressive country that we should all be so lucky to live in. It was definitely not a mistake to choose them to host the Olympics.

Four Gold Medal Questions

1. Do you care about the Winter Olympics? Any sport or sports in particular?

2. What would be your regular everyday lineup for the Royals?

3. What's the best bar you've ever been to?

4. What trophy, ribbon, or other honor were you most proud of?

BONER: The most attractive sports reporter is....