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St. Patrick's Day THURSDAY Open Thread

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Top o' the morning!

Jonathan Daniel

The next three weeks are probably my favorite of the year. The weather is finally tolerable. Its spring break (WOO-HOO!) You have St. Patrick's Day this weekend, which used to be a madhouse of alcohol and partying which has since been replaced in my older years with Thomas the Tank Engine birthday parties since it is now the weekend of my youngest son. You have March Madness, which is the best event in what is my second favorite sport behind baseball. And in just three weeks we have OPENING DAY the grandest day of them all, the day the Royals are always guaranteed to be in first place. Tulips are blooming, sundresses are coming out of the closet, Moustakas is hitting - spring is always full of hope.

Four "Kiss me I'm Irish" Questions

1. What is your favorite month of the year and why?

2. If the Royals were to lock up Eric Hosmer, what would be a fair price?

3. Who is your pick for National Champion in college basketball?

4. Any good spring break stories?

BONUS: We're deciding what activities to put our kids in this spring/summer. What was your favorite structured activity (sports, musical lessons, camp) you did as a kid?

BONUS 2: Rank these notable Irish-American actresses: Zooey Deschanel, Olivia Wilde, Anne Hatheway, Katherin Heigl, Laura Prepon, Lindsay Lohan

EDIT: Its a THURSDAY Open Thread because I'm an idiot who needs a calendar. But you knew that.