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Royals Sign Brett Tomko to Minor League Deal

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This is absolutely not a joke.

Christian Petersen

The Royals have signed 40-year old right-handed pitcher Brett Tomko to a minor league deal according to Ken Rosenthal. Tomko will be 41 next month and has not pitched in the Major Leagues since 2011. He spent last year pitching in the independent Atlantic League. Brett Tomko did (mysteriously???) get his velocity consistently in the low 90s in the Dominican as he planned a comeback. Several teams showed interest, but Tomko chose to come back to Kansas City where he memorably pitched in 16 games (10 starts) for the Royals in 2008.

Tomko is infamous on this site as the target of an "anonymous scout" who boldy predicted Tomko would win 15 games for the Royals in 2008. SPOILER ALERT! He did not. He won two games for the Royals with a 6.97 ERA in 60 2/3 innings of work and eleven home runs given up although he had a decent 40 strikeouts to 13 walks.

Tomko's wife is former Playboy Playmate Julie Schultz. You may remember her as "girl who got her shirt ripped off" in "Nutty Professor 2". So there's that.

Welcome back Brett, we've missed you.