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Royals Rumbling - Royals Projected to Have Best Defense

But the troubling news is that Detroit has drastically improved their defense, according to John Dewan's projections.

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NOW its Friday. My calendar works now. You have to forgive me, I'm about to embark on a spring break trip to Florida to see my first spring training, so I am doing absolutely no work right now. Every day has seemed like Friday. Here are your Royal rumblings for FRIDAY, March 14:

The Royals are projected to have the league's best defense, according to John Dewan. They are projected to save 54 runs on defense, with Alex Gordon coming in tops among left-fielders with a projected 17 runs saved. What is troubling, is that Dewan projects the Tigers to drastically improve their defense.

The Tigers were horrible defensively in 2013, losing 63 runs over the course of the season. The biggest reason they are going to be much better this year is addition by subtraction. Subtract Fielder’s 13 runs lost at first base by moving to Texas, and subtract Cabrera’s 18 runs lost at third base by moving over to his better defensive position, first base, and you get vast improvement. Now add in Ian Kinsler at second base, a return to form defensively from Torii Hunter, and a full season from Jose Igelsias at shortstop, and the Tigers go from one of the worst to one of the best defensive teams in baseball in one season.

Good offense, good pitching, and good defense? Do we have a chance? And we don't even have Prince Fielder's baserunning blunders to count on anymore.

Hosmer went oppo yesterday and has quietly had a good spring hitting .300 with half of his hits going for extra-bases. Everett Teaford and P.J. Walters both took a major hit in their bid to make the club as a long-reliever.

Alcides Escobar got a cortisone shot for his shoulder and may begin swinging a bat today. He should be back in a few days.

Veteran presence is paying off for Yordano Ventura. That explains the Tomko signing!

Indians manager Terry Francona heaps praise on the Royals hitters.

"They make me nervous," Tribe manager Terry Francona said. "Sometimes it's hard to win with all young guys. They had some guys who were forced to hit in the middle of the order maybe before they were supposed to. But now they deserve to. They're athletic, they all run. They're a hard team to play."

See Royals beat writers Andy McCullough live on camera! The Star reporter discusses Ervin Santana, the fifth spot in the rotation, and spring training injuries.

Fangraphs ranks the Royals as having the ninth best minor league system by impact.

The system has fallen from its heady peak, back in the Wil Myers era, and will fall quite a bit further once Ventura and Zimmer are entrenched in the big leagues. Their continuing ability to identify and develop under-the-radar types such as RHP’s Miguel Almonte and Christian Binford will keep them from falling too far, however.

Tony Blengino likes Cheslor Cuthbert, but isn't high on Hunter Dozier.

doublestix has posted his top 15 Royals prospects over at John Sickels' site. Pedro Fernandez is a new name to me.

Clint Scoles at Pine Tar Press writes about Yordano Ventura's impressive outing Wednesday, that had A's officials raving about his changeup.

Bovada has player prop bets out. Mike Trout is the favorite for AL MVP, but Hosmer is the eleventh best odds at 18/1.

Fox Sports has their 2014 preview of the Royals with unnecessarily large font in their headline.

The Royals reach agreement with an international mattress manufacturer for advertising, thanks in part to international mega-superstar Norichika Aoki. Combine that with the Meche money, and you're talking some serious scratch.

Our opponents in war have come up with some pretty clever commercials. Beats the heck out of "Be Royal."

Is it just me or does spring training seem like it takes forever? Lets start some real games!