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St. Patrick's Day Game Thread - Texas Rangers versus Kansas City Royals

Live on Fox Sports Kansas City tonight, so consider this YOUR spring training for the REAL Game Threads to come.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

It's real live baseball (at least for those who can get Fox Sports KC) tonight with Yordano Ventura on the mound for the Royals.  The lineup is:

Aoki - RF

Infante - 2B

Hosmer - 1B

Butler - DH

Gordon - LF

Perez - C

Moustakas - 3B

Cain - CF

Ciriaco - SS

With the exception of Pedro Ciriaco at short, this is likely your Opening Day lineup.

Speaking of shortstop, the Royals are going to 'play it cautious' with Alcides Escobar, who received a cortizone shot in his shoulder and will not see major league action until at least Saturday.  He is hitting in a minor league game this afternoon, for whatever that's worth.  Does this whole scenario feel like impending doom to you?

And hey there, in the same Kansas City Star article we find that Ned Yost intends to head north with both Jarrod Dyson and Justin Maxwell on his roster.  It is speculated that Danny Valencia will be awarded the last positional player roster spot as well.  You wonder, if Escobar continues to have shoulder issues, if that scenario might change.

No truth to the rumor that my performance in the Royals' Alumni Fantasy Camp has Dayton Moore pondering bringing me in to man short in Escobar's absence.  Given the exorbitant salary I get here, the Royals simply know they can't fit me under the budget.

Game Thread On.