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Ventura Makes The Rotation

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Justin Maxwell makes the team as least for now.

David Banks

Reported on Twitter, the Kansas City Star, and, most importantly, within the bowels of last night's gamethread, Ned Yost has announced that Yordano Ventura will be the team's number three starter.  
For those scoring at home, that makes your 2014 starting rotation James Shields, Jason Vargas, Yordano Ventura, Jeremy Guthrie and Bruce Chen.

While one could raise concerns about burning Ventura's service time, in a 'win-now' season like 2014 where a good start is probably imperative, I like having Ventura slotted in the middle of the rotation.  If the baseball gods smile on Kansas City for once, he might well make us forget who Ervin Santana was.

Danny Duffy, who was in competition for a starting spot, will now be given a chance to battle for a spot in the bullpen.  That seems like nonsense to me as I would think more time as a starter in Omaha would benefit Duffy more than being the seventh guy in the major league pen.

Also, Ned Yost announced that outfielder Justin Maxwell has 'made the club'.  That points to the Royals breaking camp either sans a backup middle infielder or minus Danny Valencia.  Of course, the outside the box thinking Royals have 'not even discussed going with an 11 man pitching staff'.

I am excited, befuddled, annoyed and pumped up all at once.