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Notes from Spring Training .... Kind Of

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A disappointing day at the park beats just about everything.

I have spent the past six days hanging out with some of the best nerds in the world at the SABR Analytics conference and FanGraphs meet up. Even though the people I have interacted with have been great, the trip has been a let down. And that trend didn't end today. I get to the Surprise ballpark and no one from the Royals were around so I could get my media pass. They took the entire day off. This disappointment wasn't the first. I was already informed I would not be able to interview minor league players like last season.

I was pressed to go to the back fields to watch some B-list players take on Long Beach State. Here are my thoughts on a what little I saw.

  • Manaea and Almonte were walking to the showers as I was headed out to the fields.
  • A decent backfield crowd was on hand probably because there was no MLB game today.
  • Terrance Gore and Tim Collins should have a height contest. My money is on Collins.
  • Some new raised bleachers were added to the back fields. I am not sure what I think of them just yet. They look and feel pretty cheaply put together.
  • Jason Adam just ate through the Long Beach lineup, as he should.
  • The Long Beach batters were good to the kids in attendance. They hit a ton of foul balls trying to catch up with the minor league pitchers.
  • It must have been black and white striped dress day for the wives and girl friends. I didn't get the memo. I thought about taking some pics, but none would have overflow consideration, so I didn't waste my time.
  • A lot of grown men with pick cell phones. Not sure what to think about that
  • Mariot can throw smoke. Enjoy this video of him.

  • Jason Parks was in the house
  • I saw Marten Gasparini in one dugout. He stood leaning on the dugout wall for the entire game.


  • In & Out continues to make a great burger and shake. Their fries are still sub-par (soggy and way too much salt).
  • Maybe I can see more tomorrow. It really can't get any worse (waits for patiently for the Buddy Bell quote).