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Cactus League Open Thread - Royals at Rockies

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Down the stretch they come: only five games left before real baseball begins for Kansas City.

Aoki looks forward to the start of the regular season.
Aoki looks forward to the start of the regular season.

A 3:10 Central time start (audio on 610 and kicks off the final week of exhibition action.   The Royals have three games left in Arizona, then travel north to play two more against the Brewers in Milwaukee (because, who doesn't want to spend March in Milwaukee?).

The Royals have reassigned Jon Rauch, Adam Moore and Jimmy Paredes, which pretty much assures Francisely Bueno has earned the seventh bullpen spot (Ned Yost won't actually come out and say that, however) and Brett Hayes will be the back-up catcher.   In theory, Kansas City could still elect to keep both Danny Valencia and Pedro Ciriaco on the roster and break camp with six relievers, but I think that's more MY theory than Dayton Moore's theory.

A heads up that Fox will be airing a Royals season preview on Fox Sports 1 at 11:00 a.m. today.  For those of you who don't get Fox Sports 1, have to work or are still in bed (slackers), the preview will also be shown Tuesday night on Fox Sports Kansas City at 7:00.

The lineup for today:

  • Jarrod Dyson - DH
  • Johnny Giavotella - 2B (in camp still, but has no chance unless Infante is really, really hurt)
  • Salvador Perez - C
  • Billy Butler - 1B
  • Alex Gordon - LF
  • Justin Maxwell - RF (destined to be the right handed power bat pinch hitter on a team that will almost NEVER pinch hit)
  • Danny Valencia - 3B
  • Lorenzo Cain - CF
  • Pedro Ciriaco - SS
On the mound will be Jeremy Guthrie.  While I know some of you get agitated/hung up/analytical on assigning 'numbers' to starters, if Guthrie is your number four starter that, theoretically, is not a bad rotation.  The problem, of course, is that your number two starter is Jason Vargas and your number three starter is a rookie.  Number, numbers.....dammit, don't you know these guys are human beings???!!!