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Cactus League Open Thread Tuesday Night - Royals and Mariners

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Do they battle for Grass Creek even in the Spring? Find out at 8:05 on Fox Sports Kansas City.

Ronald Martinez

A televised night game (you can catch Fox's Royals' season preview at 7:00) on Fox Sports Kansas City.  Felix Hernandez goes for Seattle and in just a touch of contrast of styles, the Royals send Bruce Chen to the mound.

The lineup:

Aoki RF

Escobar SS

Hosmer 1B

Butler DH

Gordon LF

Perez C

Moustakas 3B

Cain CF

Ciriaco 2B

Anyone else a touch uncomfortable with the news that Omar Infante's elbow 'still grabs him' when he throws?  And that Ned Yost has taken to batting Escobar second recently as well?

Andy McCullough, who is doing a really nice job with the Star and on the Twitter, reports that he 'senses the Royals are not serious about pitching recently acquired Rule Fiver Patrick Schuster in the majors this year.  Not sure what exactly is going on there.   For those who enjoy the nuances of roster maneuvering, this would seem to be right up your alley.  For those who care little about the last spot on the staff...well, you've probably stopped reading by now.

Earlier reports indicated that the Royals would like to have the 25 man roster set by the time they leave Arizona tomorrow night, so stay tuned, tune in, turn on, go big.