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Since Ned isn't reading ...

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Ned Yost is disappointed with the state of sports journalism.

Ned Yost is the manager of the Kansas City Royals.

But did you know he also has a doctorate in media and communications from Santa Rosa Junior College in Santa Rosa, California? Well, he does. And that junior college definitely offers doctorate programs.

Yost's doctoral thesis, titled "The dream of la ville sportif: A non-linear history and pragmatic criticism of shitty sprots journalism," has become a new standard in the academic community after going largely unnoticed at the time of its publication. Perhaps due to his rise to fame in the professional theater of baseball, his work recently resurfaced and gained pervasive notoriety.

Dr. Yost's critique of modern media was further granulated in his recent comment to Kansas City Star reporter Andy McCullough.

I don't personally consider myself a "journalist," because all I do is make dumdum pictures and glorify adults who play around in the dirt, but I can imagine this was a rather devastating blow to a student of media like McCullough.

Since Dr. Yost isn't paying attention to this stuff anyway, it seems as though we are now free to converse about him without the fear of being intellectually emasculated.