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KC Area Draft Talent: Nebraska Cornhuskers

Their OK

Eric Francis

On Tuesday night, I was able to watch Nebraska and Wichita State play a game in Wichita. Since I only see Wichita State play, I mainly focused on three Cornhusker hitters, Austin Darby, Pat Kelly and Ryan Boldt. I wasn't able to make it to batting practice, so I wasn't able to get a gauge on any of the player's true power. Also, the Wichita State was throwing about every shitty pitcher they had at Nebraska, so none of the hitters were really tested.

Austin Darby (9th best draft prospect from the Big 10 according to Baseball America, 2012 Big 10 All-freshman team).


K%: 7%

BB%: 13%

XBH%: 11%

HRCON%: 0%

I didn't like him one bit. Hits and runs bow legged. It is like he is ready to take a shit all the time. He wasn't really tested in the outfield. He thinks he has speed, but I didn't see much speed.

Pat Kelly (10th best draft prospect from the Big 10 according to Baseball America, 2013 Big 10 First Team, 2012 Big 10 second team)


K%: 8%

BB%: 5%

XBH%: 5%

HRCON%: 1%

Played respectable second base, but not great. Good stance, OK pop for a college second baseman. Not much projection.

Ryan Boldt (Drafted 22nd round of 2013 draft by Boston Red Sox, tabbed the best player from state of Minnesota, member of USA's 18-and-under squad, pre-season freshman of the year for the Big Ten by Baseball America)


K%: 12%

BB%: 14%

XBH%: 15%

HRCON%: 0%

Tons of potential. His 6'2" frame has not yet filled out. Fast (3.74 to 1B), played decent in center field (not challenged).

Notes from Wichita State:

Casey Gillaspie is still a stud. He hit two line drive singles and hit a fly ball which was just short of being a home run.

K%: 10%

BB%: 18%

XBH%: 17%

HRCON%: 5%

Drew Palmer (LHP, Senior) impressed me a bit when he came in late in the game. He was working between 87 to 90 mph with a curve and change up. The one issue was that he didn't have great command of the strike zone. A left-handed pitcher who can throw near 90 will be draftable.