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Cactus League Game 5: Royals vs. White Sox

How will the Royals respond to the unexpected retirement of Guillermo Mota?

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Having vanquished one Chicago team yesterday, the Royals set out to vanquish the other today. The Central Division foes, the Pale Hose of Chicago have embarked on a rebuilding process of sorts, picking up young Cuban slugger Jose Abreu in the off-season and trading for rookie third baseman Matt Davidson. But dastardly stalwarts like Paul Konerko and Adam Dunn remain, and the ghosts of A.J. Pieryznski and Ozzie Guillen still haunt these walls, ready to bitch and moan at every pitch.

Jeremy Guthrie, King of Twitter, takes to the mound today. Luke Hochevar will pitch after him, with Justin Marks, Tim Collins, Donnie Joseph, Cory Wade, and Aaron Crow also on the lineup card. Guillermo Mota is not expected to pitch today, for as you may have heard, he has retired at the age of 40, reasoning he would rather not play baseball at all, than to play for the Royals.

Line up!

RF Nori Aoki

DH Lorenzo Cain

LF Alex Gordon

1B Billy Butler

C Salvador Perez

3B Danny Valencia

2B Johnny Giavotella

SS Jason Donald

CF Jarrod Dyson

Let's hope that Billy Butler knows what to do with the leather object on his hand, and realize it is for catching baseballs, not for eating. No Billy! No BBQ sauce on the field!