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Cactus League Game 9 Open Thread - Giants vs. Royals

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Norm Hall

Here's your lineup via Andy McCullough.

1. Norichika Aoki, CF *\nor-EETCH-kuh ah-OH-kee\

2. Lorenzo Cain, DH *Mike Moustakas is DHing in a minor league game, batting second as well

3. Alex Gordon, LF *Living proof that Dayton's protracted plan works

4. Billy Butler, 1B *I dunno

5. Danny Valencia, 3B *Named after a city that has architecture like this

6. Justin Maxwell, RF *I write one of these every time he hit that one grand slam

7. Brett Hayes, C *Kottarasorrow

8. Alcides Escobar, SS *First start of the spring!

9. Christian Colon, 2B *Matt Harvey? Chris Sale? Huh, whatever ...

Yordano Ventura will start followed by Wade Davis, which is like saying, "We're having Oklahoma Joe's for supper and we will be serving puzzle pieces in a bowl full of milk for dessert."

On a side note, drinking the milk of an animal is borderline psychotic behavior.