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Luke Hochevar to Get Tommy John Surgery

Well, its been fun Luke.

Jim Rogash

It was inevitable, wasn't it?

Luke Hochevar met with doctors and had his MRI today and concluded he will indeed get Tommy John Surgery after injuring his ulnar collateral ligament this week. Tommy John Surgery typically keeps a pitcher out of action for 10-14 months. Hochevar is an impending free agent, so its very likely we have seen the last of Luke Hochevar in a Royals uniform.

Also, the fifth spot in the rotation* has become clearer with the news from the Star's Andy McCullough that veteran starting pitcher Brad Penny has been released.

*-Omaha's rotation

Penny was brought in on a minor league contract to make $1 million if he made the team (I smell a reality show!) He was rocked in his outing yesterday, allowing four runs in two innings, which led to his release. The thirty-five year old right-hander had not pitched in the big leagues since 2012, when he made 22 relief appearances for San Francisco.

So, plan for a world without Hochevar and Penny. Is it a depressing dystopia?