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Max Scherzer Scouting Report

Three pitches, two for lefties, two for righties.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Max Scherzer



Note: His arm slot is a low 3/4 slot for all four pitches.

Pitches (Click on pitch for video. All .gif from

Fastball (94 mph, 9.5% Whiff%, 24.5% GB%)

Curve (78 mph, 7.7% Whiff%, 54.9% GB%)


Slider (86 mph, 19.6% Whiff%, 44.8% GB%)


Change (85 mph, 21.3% Whiff%, 53.1 GB%)


Also, he sometimes throws a sinkerball

Pitch usage


Notes: No noticeable tendencies

Game Situation

Notes: Noticeable tendencies

vs Left-Handed Hitters by Count


- Will throw the Change between 20% to 40% of the time. He only abandons it on a 3-0 count.
- With two strikes, 0-0, and ahead in the count, he will throw the Slider/Curve 20%, otherwise he will stay away from throwing them.
- Here is where he throws the fastball and change to LHH.

Fastball Location vs LHH (from catcher's perspective)

Change Location vs LHH


- LHH need to be looking outside for both the fastball and change.

vs. Right-Handed Hitters by Count

- He will throw his Slider 30% to 50% of the time except on 3-1 and 3-2 counts where he goes mainly to his Fastball.
- Additionally, he will use his Change 10% of the time when ahead in the count.
- Here is where he attacks RHH

Fastball vs RHH


Slider vs RHH


- He keeps his fastball low and comes inside more often than outside. This pattern helps with his slider which comes right at the middle of the plate and then drops off.

Productive Hitters Against Pitchers Similar to Max Scherzer

Trait Groupings

  • Right-handed
  • Hard Throwing (Fastball > 93.2 mph): 93.3 mph
  • Flyball Pitcher (GB% < 41.5%): 36.5%

Overall and regressed (to player and league average) wOBA values (downloadable Excel spreadsheet with data):

Name Actual wOBA Regressed wOBA
Billy Butler 0.366 0.353
Nori Aoki 0.357 0.334
Salvador Perez 0.333 0.330
Eric Hosmer 0.335 0.329
Alex Gordon 0.310 0.319
Justin Maxwell 0.287 0.319
Pedro Ciriaco 0.308 0.316
Jarrod Dyson 0.303 0.314
Omar Infante 0.285 0.305
Lorenzo Cain 0.238 0.304
Danny Valencia 0.245 0.302
Brett Hayes 0.225 0.301
Mike Moustakas 0.263 0.299
Alcides Escobar 0.278 0.297

Here is the recommended lineup based on projected production vs Max Scherzer.

1. Aoki (RF)
2. Perez (C)
3. Hosmer (1B)
4. Butler (DH)
5. Gordon (LF)
6. Dyson (CF)
7. Ciraco/Escobar (SS)
8. Infante/Ciraco (2B)
9. Valencia/Moustakas (3B)