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Revisiting Yordano

Throwing fire.
Throwing fire.
Ed Zurga

I made it to my first Royals game of 2014 on Tuesday. It always feels like a homecoming for me, returning to The K the first time in a new season. Refusing to pay full price to watch the only team in the major leagues without a home run, I went the usual route which was to buy a cheap ticket in the upper tank. Nine dollars later, I moved to the lower level, even with the third base bag. This is my spot. This is where you can find me at the yard.

We covered Tuesday night's contest here already, but I thought I'd add a few thoughts while they were still relatively fresh in my mind about Yordano Ventura.

-- When he throws 100 mph and it looks so easy. Just so mechanically smooth.

-- His strikeouts mostly came on change-ups. In fact, he got Wil Myers three times on change-ups. At least I think they were change-ups. Pitch F/X had Ventura throwing a version of his fastball at 89 mph. It looks like it may be a power change. Something with a little more break than his normal change. Anyone have insight?

-- Ventura's 93rd pitch on the night registered at 101 mph on the stadium gun. Brooks has it a tad faster:


-- The big news outside of Ventura throwing fire was Mike Moustakas getting a hit. A 12 hopper up the middle. Yeah, he's ready to take off. Umm... No. He still looks lost at the plate. And it didn't seem like he had a plan when he was up there. This ship has sailed.

-- For you music snobs, they played Ted Leo on the stadium PA when the Rays challenged the force out at second in the third inning.

Here are few things worth reading today:

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Probably the best Royals content I read all week. I could not agree more.

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ESPN (Law): Scouting Kansas City Royals
Subscription required, but it's prospect porn. Manaea hit 88 to 92 mph Tuesday night, touching 94, and dipping to 88-90 in his last inning, but the tremendous deception in his delivery had hitters swinging through his fastball for much of the outing.

Baseball Prospectus: What Scouts Are Saying: April 10, 2014
Free from BP. The next positive Bubba Starling professional scouting report will be the first.