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Game 11 Open Thread - Royals vs Minnesota

Vargas will save us.

Ed Zurga

The Kansas City Royals will look to avoid a three-game sweep in the frozen tundra when they face off against the Minnesota Twins this afternoon.

If you are a fan of finesse pitchers, it may be difficult to keep your pants on watching today's ballgame. Jason Vargas will take the ball for Kansas City, dueling against Minnesota's crafty righty Kevin Correia.

Vargas has been excellent in his first two Royals' starts, only allowing two earned runs over 15 innings. He has shown strong command, only issuing two walks, but has surrendered two home runs. Let's hope Vargas can keep the ball in the park against the legion of doom that is the Twins' offense.

Correia had a solid season debut but was lit up by the Oakland Athletics in his second start of the year, allowing six runs on nine hits over 5 2/3 innings. The Royals should be able to score more than one run against Correia if they can get the singles train to leave the station.

Ned Yost is employing his standard lineup today, try to contain your excitement. Andy McCullough of the Kansas City Star brings us the batting order:

In things I did not know, Twins second baseman Brian Dozier had 3.8 rWAR last season. He also has 4 homers this season. Phil Miller of the Minnesota Star-Tribune tweeted out the home team's lineup:

This may be hard to believe, but someone affiliated with the Royals said something that pissed off a bunch of fans yesterday. It's not really baseball season until the Royals continue alienating a loyal group of supporters.

Song of the Day: Dead Kennedys - Holiday in Cambodia

I only dabble in punk, but Fresh Fruit for Rotten Vegetables does stay in my rotation of CD's that I listen too. Perfect music for when you're in a feisty mood.