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Royals crush Astros, complete sweep

Keeping the dream of a 6-3 stretch a reality.

With added run support.
With added run support.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Royals travelled to Houston a beaten club, destroyed in the three previous games by a Minnesota Twins team that is frankly not that good.

-- James Shields is your player of the game. Duh. Eight innings, four hits, two walks and 12 strikeouts? His Game Score of 80 has him the early leader in the clubhouse for start of the season.

-- Speaking of Game Scores, that was Shields's second highest score as a Royal. He posted an 85 on May 6 last year. We know what happened in that game. And the aftermath. Sorry. I shouldn't write of such things after a sweep.

-- 2:37 time of game? What is this? 1975?

-- The Royals didn't hit a home run. This breaks their streak of hitting at least one home run in their last two games.

-- Billy Butler had a hit. And a walk. Seems we should note the hit. Doesn't happen too often. Same for the fly out. So moving him down to sixth in the order is really paying dividends.

-- The Royals are now 7-0 when scoring more than four runs. So we have this to watch the rest of the season.

Up next for the Royals: a rematch with those nasty Twins. The good news is Kyle Gibson isn't pitching this weekend. So I'm saying there's a chance

The worm is turning people. 'Tis true.