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OT Friday Open Thread: Replay Edition

Sorry, the premise of this open thread has been challenged by Ned Yost

Jamie Squire

Replay has come to baseball and not without a bit of controversy. Some have been a bit critical of the system thus far, although Bud Selig insists it is working wonderfully. One bit of controversy seems to be from the way a "catch" is now interpreted with the advantage of replay. Dave Cameron has argued this now gives incentive for outfielders to drop the ball upon transfer with runners on base in an attempt to get a double play.

Nonetheless, I think replay is probably here to stay, and I think that's for the best. While I'm not enamored with how its been implemented thus far, we've only been a few weeks into it, and I am confident there will be tweaks along the way. I mean, if it only took 50 years for Major League Baseball to recognize their error in racial segregation, I'm sure it will be just a matter of time before they can adjust replay.

Four Questions to be Challenged by Ned Yost:

1. Are you for or against the use of instant replay in baseball? What, if any, changes would you make to the current system?

2. What moment in your life would you replay, so you could do it differently?

3. If I gave you the option of making the World Series this year, but only if it meant the 1985 Royals lost their World Series, would you take it? Would you trade the 1985 World Championship for the 2014 American League pennant?

4. Fargo debuted as a TV miniseries this week. What other movies do you think could be adapted or inspired into a successful TV show or miniseries?

BONIFACIO: Do you read any opinion columnists/bloggers - politics, sports, finance, tech - on a regular basis?

BONIFACIO TOO: Who is the hottest WAG (wives and girlfriends) currently in MLB?