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Game XVIII Open Thread - The Royals of Kansas City versus the Racists of Cleveland

Jeremy Guthrie tries, once and for all, to put his past behind him by throttling his former team, the Racists of Cleveland.

Lead your team to victory over the dastardly Racists that once paid your wage.
Lead your team to victory over the dastardly Racists that once paid your wage.
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

With the Racists dodging the potentially deadly bullet of facing the daunting Dominican hurler and noted dispatcher of racists Yordano Ventura this series, the Royals will turn to reformed Racist Jeremy Guthrie to try to take down the team that drafted him.

As always, Andy McCullough brings us a music-infused line-up, though I'm not sure whether he's invoking the song by Baroness, Sum 41, or LL Cool J and Ja Rule.

McCullough's Cleveland counterpart, Zack Meisel brings us the Racists' line-up from the banks of the Cuyahoga.

Can we safely assume that the river is both not ablaze and that the fire will not spread to the visitors' clubhouse at insert corporate sponsor here Jacobs Field?

These are not Randy Quaid's Racists. The Randy Quaid we once knew is gone. In his place--after the burden of pulling for the legacy of Racism took its toll--a man whose insanity seems to know no bounds. Pleading with the Canadian government for asylum and permanent resident status will not be able to distance you from the fact that you beat the drum louder than anyone. The Hollywood star whackers aren't out to get you, Randy. Your conscience is.

These Racists are just months removed from a playoff appearance, and all of that without the services of a charming, ex-con garbage man, Shawn's dad from Psych, Word Man, and President Palmer. There is no rags to riches story to ascribe to these ne'er-do-wells. The shine is gone from these Warriors for a Racist Cause.

Strike this [lips appear to be saying something very bad] guy out.

I am good, and I am grounded. I am seeing The National tomorrow night, and I am rather pumped.