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Duffy melts down in extras; Royals fall

It was an ugly extra frame.

Mitchell Layton

So it goes like this:

Jeremy Guthrie gives up two runs in the first, looks like he's on the brink of having the kind of outing he's supposed to have. Then he steadies himself, goes seven innings, allowing seven base runners, while striking out three.

The Royals scratch out a pair of runs. The first run comes on the back of an Alcides Escobar double and Norichika Aoki bunt single, followed by an Eric Hosmer double. The second run scores when the Royals do Royal things and string three singles together in the sixth. Alex Gordon, Danny Valencia, and Justin Maxwell with the honors.

The Royals threaten in the seventh and eighth, but can't find that dang single to push them over the top. Because it was always going to be a single.

In extras, Danny Duffy went into full meltdown mode, hitting the leadoff batter, then committing two errors on back to back bunts. Insta-analysis: The guy doesn't want to start and is probably too unsteady to be a high leverage bullpen guy. Maybe there's a spot open on the grounds crew.

Louis Coleman tries to put out Duffy's fire and the Orioles plate the winning run on a bases loaded single.


The Royals have a chance to take the series tomorrow when James Shields takes the mound. A Royals win and it's a 3-4 road trip. Not great, but serviceable. And a helluva lot better than a 2-5 trip.