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Game 24 Open Thread - Royals vs. Orioles

James Shields vs. Miguel Gonzalez

Mitchell Layton

The Kansas City Royals will attempt to get back to .500 on the season and take the series from the Baltimore Orioles when they finish their road trip at Camden Yards Sunday afternoon.

James Shields, who will start the game for Kansas City, has been impressive to start the season, posting a 1.91 ERA with a 3.06 FIP over five starts. His 25.9 K% combined with a 5.2% BB% are especially sexy.

Miguel Gonzalez will take the mound for Baltimore. Gonzalez has been less than impressive over four starts with a 5.40 ERA and 6.14 FIP. The righthander has surrendered five homers and four starts, and owns a crazy low GB% (26.2%).

Jarrod Dyson and Mike Moustakas are back in the lineup against a righthanded pitcher. David Lesky of Pine Tar Press brings us the Royals batting order:

The Orioles lineup doesn't exactly strike fear without Matt Wieters and Chris Davis in the middle of the order, although Nelson Cruz seems to have taken a liking to Camden. Eduardo Encina of the Baltimore Sun tweeted a picture of the Baltimore starting nine:

Early start today, so shake off your hangover, plop yourself on a couch and get ready for some beisbol.

Song of the Day: Black Sabbath- Hand of Doom

Black Sabbath is great. So is this song. That's all I got.