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Game XXV Open Thread: The Blue Jays of Canada versus the Royals of Kansas City

McGowan versus Vargas. Two men enter. That's it. Two men enter.

Be Royal
Be Royal
Alan Crowhurst

The Royals get their chance to knock a pitcher out of the rotation as Dustin McCrack McMcGowan takes the mound for what could be the last time as a starter this season. The Jays have pushed back prospect Marcus Stroman's start in Buffalo to today in an effort to synchronize Swatches their turns in the rotation, a clear sign that the struggling McGowan is not long for this world. As a starter.

For their part, the Royals will trot out Jason "Don't Call Me Claudio" Vargas.

This is your Royals' lineup:

Shocking, right?

The Torontones will consist on the following players this evening:

This will be a border rWAR.