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Bullpen Swap Out

It's all so very convenient.

Ed Zurga

The Royals' bullpen has two more new faces tonight as the team announced that lefties Tim Collins and Francisely Bueno have both been placed on the disabled list.

In their place will be Michael Mariot (who played at Nebraska, but not with Alex Gordon - as Ryan L. will surely remind us several times this week) and Donnie Joseph.

Funny how two guys who weren't very good to start the season are hurt.

A little additional information:

Joseph struck out 7 and walked four in 5 2/3 innings of work at the major league level in 2013 and posted similar numbers during Spring Training this year: 5 2/3 innings, six walks and nine strikeouts.  He's a left who is hard to hit, but struggles with the strike zone....kind of like Tim Collins.

Mariot, a right hander, was an 8th round pick in 2010 and has moved up a level per year since then.  Last year in Omaha, he struck out 66 in 60.2 innings, while walking 25.  He spent a good deal of the season as the Storm Chasers' closer.