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Omar Infante injury update

The second baseman is probably out a few games, but not a long period of time after being beaned in the face during last night's game.

Ed Zurga

Omar Infante appears to be in relatively good condition after spending the night at the hospital following a beaning in the face at the hands of failed closer Heath Bell. Infante was ruled to have not suffered a concussion, instead suffering a sprain in his jaw, and he will require six stitches to repair a cut on his chin.

The Royals have indicated they do not expect Infante to have to spend time on the disabled list.

"Based on the Kansas City medical team’s initial diagnosis, it does not appear he’ll miss a significant amount of time," the spokesman said.

However, Infante will at least be out the next two days as he undergoes 48 hours of observation at the University of Kansas Medical Center. The club will make a determination as to whether he needs a stint on the disabled list at that time.

With Danny Valencia being the only reserve middle infielder, and with his performance at second base last night being shaky at best, the Royals will almost certainly call up a middle infielder today. Pedro Ciriaco cannot be recalled until he has cleared waivers and spent ten days in the minors (unless he replaces someone placed on the disabled list). Jason Donald would require a 40-man roster move. So the good money is on either Johnny Giavotella or Christian Colon.

In the meantime, I WANT VENGEANCE!