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Game Eight Open Thread - Tampa Bay Rays at Kansas City Royals

The much anticipated (or is it feared) RUBBER match.

Today is the day Billy goes yard.
Today is the day Billy goes yard.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Rays versus Royals. Odorizzi versus Guthrie. Giavotella versus the World.

We have a 1:10 start time today with the game on Fox Sports KC. Take a late lunch, see how the game is going and decide if you really have to go back to work today. Weather is beautiful as well, so if you reside in the Kansas City area, I recommend taking a personal day and heading out to the game. I mean, what's the point of financial security and future success when you can watch baseball in the sun instead?

Kansas City has Thursday off, three games at Minnesota (Saturday and Sunday are both day games, by the way) and then another off day on Monday. While I think there is a chance of more roster moves tomorrow, I can almost guarantee one or two or three on Monday. Just this week, Ned Yost said 'going with just 11 pitchers is really risky', so you know where his dome is.

In case you missed it earlier: Johnny Giavotella up, Louis Coleman activiated, Donnie Joseph and Aaron Brooks down.

Double in case you missed it, today's lineup:

Aoki RF, Giavotella 2B, Hosmer 1B, Butler DH, Gordon LF, Perez C, Moustakas 3B, Cain CF, Escobar SS

And for fun, the Omaha Storm Chasers lineup for an late morning start today:

Eiber CF, Colon 2B, Paredes SS, Peguero LF, Fletcher DH, Fields 1B, Orlando RF, Flores C, Bocock 3B with Chris Dwyer pitching.

All snark aside, a win today would be real nice. Maybe a home run, too? Is it too much to ask?