I heard he of the sub-average intelligence this morning on 610 am--I'm of course talking about Bob Fescoe--lead into a commercial break by saying something to the effect of "after the break, yeah, we're talking about Ace."

I've also heard Danny Parkins try to get people on-board with calling him "Ace Ventura."

Just f**king stop it already.

What the hell is he thinking? What is EVERYONE thinking?

Outside of the fact that we have no idea if Yordano will ever become the "ace" of the pitching staff (and so referring to him as such puts undue pressure on him--and, if and when he fails to become the "ace," it will just sound dumb), does anyone actually have fond and pleasant feelings when they think of the movie "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective?"

If you're not a moron, the answer is "no."


Do we really want to have that movie associated with this pitcher? What if he really IS good, and the nickname catches on nationally? Do you want the Royals fanbase to be colored by this unfortunate and idiotic nickname choice?

Just because the name kind of "fits" into a random pop culture reference DOES NOT MEAN you must draw attention to it.


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