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Omar Infante Lands on the Disabled List

Pedro Ciriaco is called up from Omaha. Johnny Giavotella and Mike Moustakas both live to earn another MLB paycheck.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Speculation had built up that Mike Moustakas might get demoted today in a roster crunch, but the Royals put the kibosh on that idea, instead sending second baseman Omar Infante to the disabled list with lower back inflammation.

The man could withstand a fastball to the face, but apparently his lower back problems can't be cured by Icy Hot, he'll instead need fifteen days out of action. The move is retroactive to May 7, so Infante is eligible to return by May 22.

This is already Infante's second stint out of action, which hurts since he's been one of our only productive hitters (fourth on the team in OPS+ at 96). He was hitting .267/.326/.392 with 2 HR and a team-high 19 RBI. He is replaced on the roster by Pedro Ciriaco, who will have his second stint with the club, although he did not get to bat his first time around. The twenty-eight year old middle infielder was hitting .305/.328/.492 in 64 PAs with AAA Omaha.

So Johnny Giavotella should get an extended look at second base, Mike Moustakas perhaps gets a bit of a two-minute warning to get his career in gear, and the Royals stock up on Pedro Ciriaco jerseys at the team store. The season rumbles on.