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Game XXXVIII Open Thread - The Rocky Mountains of Denver versus the Royals of Kansas City

Franklin Morales tries to do right by his father, Esai, in this battle royale. James Shields will face the Rockies' vaunted lineup featuring Jeffrey Hammonds and Todd Hollandsworth.

Hollandsworth must pay.
Hollandsworth must pay.
David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

The Royals will trot out this lineup.

The Rockies are probably playing some guys, too. Franklin Morales will take the mound for them. I think Vinny Castilla, Dante Bichette, and Big Cat will take the field. I guess Mike Hampton must be coming out of the pen. Watch out for Juan Pierre on the basepaths. He's a burner.

McCullough's got a couple Moore quotes of note in his feed to chew on. I wish Moore would just shut the fuck up. No one wants to hear this drivel, Dayton.

I've said it once, and I'll say it again: #anustart

Who else basically resents having to watch the Royals? I know I sure as hell do. The only thing I enjoy at this point is watching Ventura pitch.