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Be Nicer

The Royals need more 'atta-boys' and less criticism. You take your realistic logic and get the heck out of here!

Things are being addressed right here.
Things are being addressed right here.
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

The Royals are not getting enough love.

Ask Dayton Moore, who is quick to point out that the national 'guys' are much more enamored with the Kansas City Royals than the local media and fans (and don't get me started on those basement dwelling bloggers!).

Ask Ned Yost, who has assured us that he is never wrong.  Listen, guys, you just don't understand and really should not question a lineup or a move.  Can you do any better?  Can YOU?!!!

Ask Mike Moustakas, who hit two doubles yesterday (problem solved!) and then proceeded to answer every media question with a snarky 'Vargas pitched a great game, we beat a great team' line.  Now, some of you think it's funny to be a jerk to the media, sometimes I do, too, but you get to be a jerk sometime after you get above the Mendoza line.  Pretty sure that one is in the Unwritten Rules of Baseball scrolls.

Now, in a league in which just two teams are more than three games over .500, the Royals are in the thick of it and have done so with an, at best, iffy offensive output.  Great.  Detroit is freaking 12 games over .500 and Oakland, who has no fans and no money and, at times, no running water in their stadium is 9 games over....again.  I imagine they did so with complete and total support from their fanbase and media.

This organization's skin needs to toughen up.  This very .500ish looking team may well mean that they traded Wil Myers for 170 wins over two seasons, no playoff appearances and a what is going to be a $7 million set-up guy next season.

Eight years in, you don't get to act as though you still are the smartest guys in the room.  You don't get to strut around The Plaza on your 86 win season as though you've actually accomplished something.  You know what else?  You don't get to be indignant by questions related to your former second overall draft pick that is hitting .161/.226/.348 on the heels of a .233/.287/.364 2013 season.

Instead of defending past moves and your team's shortcomings with smugness and spewed crap, address the situation.   Oops, I forgot:  everything has been addressed and everyone will improve.