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Game 42 - Orioles at Royals

You asked for a Game Thread. You got a Game Thread.

Jason Miller

Eighteen innings at home against the Orioles.

One run.

This, my friends, is what an offense on life support looks like.

But don't worry. Ned Yost says the home runs are coming. We just need to be patient. You know, like how we're eight years into The Process. You guys and your damn microwave society.

Danny Duffy versus Bud Norris tonight. In the interest of full disclosure, back in the day when I was writing about fantasy baseball at Baseball Prospectus, I had a huge crush on Norris. And Brandon Morrow, too, but that's another story. Anyway, Norris always seemed to have the stuff, but could never figure out how to put big league hitters away on a consistent basis. Sort of like a certain Royal starter on the mound tonight.

Enjoy the evening. Maybe the Royals will score tonight.