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Royals Rumblings - Kansas City Royals news May 22, 2014

Can you lend me an ear?

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Your Royals Rumblings for May 22, 2014

The Star's Vahe Gregorian writes the Royals are in an awkward position with Mike Moustakas' struggles. Time is running out for the young slugger.

While they still are committed to cultivating Moustakas’ long-term potential and salvaging the short-term with him this season, the burden of proof for the moment seems to have shifted to Moustakas to earn his way back.

The Royals no longer are locked into their default position of waiting and hoping he will emerge and assuming that even a thin shadow of his promise is the best available option.

Now they’re on to exploring the immediate alternatives, starting with Valencia, who began the season strictly as a reserve, but for the last month has been sharing duties with Moustakas and effectively is auditioning for the job.

There is a petition to urge David Glass to fire Dayton Moore. I'm still waiting for Justin Bieber to get deported.

Former Royals catcher Miguel Olivo has been suspended for biting the ear of teammate Alexander Guerrero. I thought it would have been Prince Fielder or perhaps this former Cardinals infielder.

Alcides Escobar broke White Sox reliever Matt Lindstrom. The right-hander will miss three months after injuring his ankle fielding Escobar's bunt on Monday.

The Tigers lost on a walk-off balk, and Aaron Crow was not even involved.

Sports Illustrated takes a look at MLB's defense tracking system that I'm sure the Royals don't use.

Kansas City breaks ground for a streetcar today. It could put us on the map with Ogdenville, Brockway, and North Haverbrook.

The internet reacts to the announcement of the new Batman/Superman movie with predictably hilarious snark.

This is important - the time travel of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Visualized. Bogus.


Your song of the day, The Black Keys "Fever"