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Introducing the new Royals Review Managing Editor

And a shocking plot reveal!

Ed Zurga

Hello, my name is Max Rieper and I am the new managing editor for Royals Review. You may be asking yourself "why did the suits at SB Nation tab an outsider to run this site?" Well the shocking plot twist for this season finale is that I have been a Royals Review regular THE ENTIRE TIME. For several years I have posted under the name "RoyalsRetro", but now that I am managing editor I will be using my real name. I will also no longer be writing Kansas City Star articles under my pseudonym "Lee Judge" anymore.

Many of you know I have been here since the pre-SB Nation days, when a young Will McDonald was writing delightful portrayals of cities in the Royals radio affiliate network. I'd like to carry on the tradition and collegiality Will created and Craig and Clark fostered in their time overseeing the site. I don't expect you'll see major changes. I would like to put a greater emphasis on Fanposts and other reader-created material, so I encourage you to use those more. I am completely new to this, so if you have any suggestions or ideas on how you'd like to see the site run, I'm all ears (uh...not so close Miguel Olivo).

I want to thank Craig Brown and Clark Fosler for running this site the last few years. It was not easy coming into a new community and working under a corporate banner, but they were terrific stewards and diehard Royals fans. I would encourage you to check out Royals Authority (Craig already has a post up!) and we have already discussed doing some collaborative projects together.

Their absence also leaves a significant void in our writing staff. We have already added KCTiger to our staff, so please welcome him. I'd like to add another writer or two. If you are interested, or know anyone that might be, please let me know. We could especially use someone well versed in sabermetrics, as that is not my strong point (I'm more of a Ron Polk Points man myself) and Jeff Zimmerman has other obligations that prevent him from writing here. The time obligation is as much or as little as you want, but we offer a large platform and a great readership for an aspiring writer.

Finally, I want to thank all of you for making this site as great as it is. I would not have agreed to be managing editor if this community wasn't the eclectic, snarky, diehard, hilarious group of misfits that we have. I will do my best to serve you, and will run this site by the guiding principles I once heard from a wise man:

If you make enough good decisions, three-year plans turn into two-year plans and five-year plans turn into three-year plans. If you make bad decisions, 10-year plans turn into no plan.

Truer words have never been spoken.