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Off-Day Evening Open Thread

Kick up your feet, relax, and chat. Unless you're Mike Moustakas. You have a Lear Jet to Omaha to catch.

Michael Dodge

The Royals are currently heading west to golden California for a quick three-game set with the Angels. The Royals, sans Mike Moustakas of course. Tonight is a travel day, so no baseball for the boys in blue as they ride a one-game winning streak. So let's enjoy an off-day off-topic off-kilter evening open thread.

Four Demoted Questions:

1. The San Antonio Spurs are a ridiculously well-oiled championship-winning machine. What, in baseball history, is the closest equivalent to them?

2. What's for dinner tonight?

3. Who is the most underrated baseball player in the game today?

4. The new Batman/Superman movie is titled "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice." So let's play a game.

Come up with your best title. Extra points for relating it to the Royals.

BONUS: Emma Stone or Emma Watson?