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Royals minor leagues: How does Moustakas fit with the Storm Chasers?

Mike Moustakas is coming to Triple-A. Where does he fit with the guys who are already here?

Mike Moustakas last played in Omaha in 2011, the first year the team was called the Storm Chasers.
Mike Moustakas last played in Omaha in 2011, the first year the team was called the Storm Chasers.
Minda Haas

Max has invited me to join the site to assist in the wall-to-wall Mike Moustakas coverage. Thanks, Max!

Moustakas, as you might have heard, joined the Storm Chasers yesterday. Where does he fit into the picture (ha, picture, because I take those. Get it?) in Omaha?

The Chasers have a crowd at third base already, with six other guys having spent time there this season. Jimmy Paredes and Pedro Ciriaco are with the big club, so that cuts the competition down to four. Johnny Giavotella has played a dozen games there, but we can assume he'll be the top choice to play 2nd every day as long as Moose is around.

This will leave Brian Bocock, Christian Colon, and Jason Donald looking for regular spots to play, presuming Moose starts at third every day. That's similar to where that trio has been all season. They all float around the infield as needed. Bocock has been up and down between Omaha and Springdale a few times already.

So there is space for Moustakas on defense. What about the offense?

Omaha's offense isn't a high-flying machine. They're around the middle of the league standings in runs per game and OBP, as well as most of the counting stats. (Side note: Does it surprise anyone that the top two home-run hitting teams in the Pacific Coast League are Las Vegas and Albuquerque?)

Giavotella and Paulo Orlando are the two best Chasers hitters so far. Brian Fletcher has improved at the plate compared to his Triple-A time last year, despite a drop in SLG.

Will Mike Moustakas join those three in the team lead, or will his sleepy offense continue at Werner Park?