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Please welcome our newest additions to the writing staff

Get the Pulitzers ready, we've added some Bill Shakespeares to our staff.

Jamie Squire

Craig Brown and Clark Fosler have left us, which not only leaves a huge void in leadership on this site, but a huge void in the quality of writing they were producing. Those two left such large shoes to fill, we have had to bring on double the number of writers to replace them.

As I mentioned yesterday, KCTiger has joined the writing staff. You should read his sneak peak at potential Royals draft picks if you haven't already. He will be writing a lot about the minor leagues and will be heading up our draft coverage which is ramping up in preparation for the June draft.

Minda Haas (Minda33) has graciously joined us as well. She is the only one of us a baseball team will actually credential, as she has access to the Omaha Stormchasers clubhouse. She'll be writing a lot about the minors as well, and Omaha in particular, although she'll give her thoughts on the big league team as well. Ask her about Joel Peralta sometime.

Kevin Ruprecht has been writing at Beyond the Boxscore, but his passion is with the Royals so he'll be joining us as well. He will provide more of a sabermetric viewpoint that will be sure to befuddle Dayton Moore.

jessandersm will serve as our Willie Bloomquist, playing all over the place with grit, hustle, and determination. He has written some pretty good Fanposts in the past, including this one. I'm not sure if Dayton has beaten the optimism out of him quite yet.

Of course, there are still good ol' reliable names your recognize like Connor MoylanJosh DugganTyler Drenonim_not_that_bright, and NHZ.

Please join me in welcoming these writers and treat them as you would any other, with the snarkiest, nitpickiest comments you can think of.