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A kind request to clean up your language

Think about the hurt feelings and the damaged self-esteem

It's a privilege, not a curse, to play in this fine town
It's a privilege, not a curse, to play in this fine town

Consider this article as a kind request of you, dear Kansas City Royals fan, to please clean up your language.

With the flurry of recent roster moves by the Kansas City Royals, very hurtful and demeaning language was thrown around. Phrases like "Demoted to Omaha", "Sent down to the minor leagues", "Hopefully he gets stranded in Omaha and never finds his way back."

All of that very hurtful language must be stopped. To illustrate why, consider the phrase, "The Kansas City Royals Demoted Mike Moustakas to Omaha." There are so many things wrong with it.

1. It is demeaning to Omaha

After all, what if you lived and worked in Omaha? How would it make you feel to know that living and working in Omaha is considered a demotion? It's a nice town. We don't want to hurt anybody's feelings. Hurting feelings is not what the Kansas City Royals are about.

2. It is demeaning to Mike Moustakas

The poor lad has already suffered enough. Should the whole world know that he is being sent somewhere else because of poor job performance? Isn't that just piling and making players feel bad about themselves? Making players feel bad about themselves is not what Kansas City is about.

3. It is colonialist

That phrase also implies that it is the Kansas City Royals that are in charge of Omaha. Does Omaha simply exist for the opportunity to have their natural resources exploited for the gain of Kansas City? Having success at the expense of others is not what Kansas City is about.

So, as future roster moves are made, please rethink your language. Here are some examples of what could be said:

The Omaha Storm Chasers, the Kansas City Royals, and Pedro Ciriaco are pleased to jointly announce that Mr. Ciriaco is being given the opportunity to advance his baseball career by playing in Omaha.

In an effort to further enhance the success of both the Kansas City Royals and the Omaha Storm Chasers, Brett Hayes has been Designated For Assignment, with the assignment being to discover how awesome Omaha is.

Mike Moustakas, the Kansas City Royals, and the Omaha Storm Chasers have reached a mutual understanding that in order to most fully exploit the baseball talents of Mr. Moustakas, he will take his talents to the home of the largest furniture store in the nation, Omaha. Kansas City would like especially thank Omaha for providing this opportunity to grow the skill set of a young, talented baseball player of such a caliber as Mike.

So please, kind Kansas City Royals fan, clean up your language and consider the feelings of all parties involved when future roster moves come up.

(P.S - if Moustaksas struggles in Omaha? Then demote his sorry butt down to that dump otherwise known as Northwest Arkansas.)