Please Baseball Gods?

You'd be fooled to realize a young pitcher with a god given talent would be affected by the inevitable misfortunes of arm problems. But none of those people are Royals fans who seem to get caught up in the cusp of frustration, hopelessness. Yordano Ventura only powered through a rough start of 2.2 innings early Monday Night, faced with allowing 5 earned runs to a sure fire formidable opponent.

The last few starts have become rough patches blocking his path to become a reliable and growing future ace within the starting staff. Much of less should now be taken aside to the more alarming issue. Ventura's elbow and overall health. Recent dilemmas have imploded young arms such as Danny Duffy, Felipe Paulino, and Joakim Soria to further extractions later in career. Tommy John surgery hopefully doesn't become the result to Ventura with just 2 months in. Though, the glaring notion should always cross your mind reluctantly.

After the last pitch he threw Monday night was tested, his fastball was clocked at 91 mph. Resoundingly slower than his typical 98-100 mph he consistently pounds out. A loss of speed especially with your fastball suddenly can bring many circumstances to ponder. Humitity for starters could definitely be a culprit, change in temperature and pressure can do wacky things with the ball. Having only gone 2 innings prior can't point out any stamina and pitch count problems were factors in the drastic loss of velocity.

Durability was Ned Yost's main concern to deal with Ventura's pitch endurance. Darting flames going 99+ mph can drain a young arm, even early in the process. Elbow problems seem to have popped up in recent pitching frenzy. The diagnosis will be done tomorrow to detect if it just a minor pull or the ladder tear of a ligament. Our breaths will be put on hold. So please baseball gods, don't break our hearts again of a young arm. Spare Heatman!!

Let's Throw Fire

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