Yost = Bust

Astros vs Royals coverage

I said it last year and now again this year. Yost needs to go. I am tired of lack of enthusiasm when Yost sits his starters way too long. When players have arm problems, why don't they say something, if not for themselves, but for the team. Dayton Moore is nothing more than a first class loser when it comes to being a GM and he hired his twin loser manager to compliment him. They both need to go and let the team play baseball.

For some reason Yost must think he is behind the plate catching a game. How many games did he start as catcher? Yost thinks he is some sort of master tactician when it comes to baseball. The way Yost seems to think is that it is OK to lose games. When attendance goes down and teams lose games, the first person that should go is the manager that can't make a good judgement call. Let hitters hit the way they know how. Quit changing people to fit what you think it should be. I blame Yost for all of the problems. Shelve this archaic lame excuse for a manager.

Jirschele is sitting in the dugout with about 90% of the players that passed through his dugout in Omaha. Let him take over and get rid of that worthless excuse for manager. Kansas City Royals

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