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Game LI Open Thread - L'Astros d'Houston v. L'Royales d'Kansas City

McHugh versus Guthrie. A match-up for the annals (of history).

Ed Zurga

While we lap up the news that Ventura is only going to miss one start, we are given the gift of another Jeremy Guthrie start. This is the Royals lineup:

The Astros featuring red-hot five-tool prospect George Springer will field the following starting ten:

I'll just assume that McHugh's first name is Colin without verifying because why wouldn't it be? The sad thing, of course, is how many Astros' hitters are probably preferable to the "contending" counterparts on the Royals. Trust the process.

Seeing as though I live in Texas and am a DirecTV subscriber who pays like $200 a year for the MLB Extra Innings package, I can't actually watch this game (CSNHouston!), so the recap should be fun.