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Guthrie and the Royals lose 3 - 0 to Astros

Royals offense doesn't even sputter in embarrassing display that is right at home with the rest of their putrid season. Pitching is solid but not good enough to overcome a no-run performance from the "offense."

Jamie Squire

The embarrassing Royals scored an embarrassing zero runs against the team sporting the worst record in the American League, losing in a fashion that can only described as embarrassing. Did I mention that the loss was embarrassing?


To frame the loss another way, I'll direct you to Daloath's comment in the game thread:

Since the beginning of last year, Houston has shut out an opponent 5 times.

Oh, and KC better score 5 runs tomorrow, because since the beginning of last season, the least amount of runs Houston has allowed in a series (this includes 2-game series) has been 7: 9/9-9/11/2013 against Seattle (3 games) and 4/11-4/13/2014 against Texas (3 games).

From all accounts, the picture to the right (-------->) is an apropos visual aid for how poorly the Royals played. The box score tells me that a person named Collin McHugh struck out nine Royals. McHugh had a 10.04 ERA in 26.0 IP last season and didn't have a single appearance last season in which he didn't allow at least one earned run. That's counting relief appearances. Granted, McHugh seems better than that this season.

Still, the Royals struck out 11 times, nine by McHugh's hand and one apiece by Tony Sipp and Chad Qualls, while managing zero walks and five singles. Shockingly, the Royals offense hit zero extra base hits.

For his part, Jeremy Guthrie pitched around ten baserunners (three walks and seven singles), allowing just one to score while striking out five. Tim Collins ceded the other two runs in a long eighth inning.

Ned Yost was tossed.

Some of us were more fortunate than others and were blacked out thanks to CSNHouston not being available on our cable provider while still paying for Extra Innings. It's better this way.