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Game 52 Open Thread - Astros vs. Royals Finale

In the last game of the homestand, Kansas City hopes to salvage the series, though will probably not salvage their pride either way after the first two games' results.

Did you know Duffy has telekenetic powers?
Did you know Duffy has telekenetic powers?
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City, 24-27, faces Houston, 21-32, in the series and season finale. At this point last year, the Royals were 22-29, and are in danger of reaching the 9 games under they bottomed out to last year if they continue to lose embarrassing games like they have recently.

The Royals have gone 4-6 in their last 10 games but have been outscored 47-37 in that span. They haven't hit a home run since May 18, ten days ago, and have scored 5 runs in their past three games. You might say that the Royals are not playing good baseball at this point.

That said, the Royals are only 3 games back from the second Wild Card spot with triple digit chances to make that up. No one in the AL is doing terribly great either other than Detroit and Oakland--the Royals have a run differential at or better than Boston, Tampa Bay, New York, Texas, and Cleveland. Despite this, you have to think that KC might not be voting for Pedro too much longer and might have their hitting coach on the hot (or at least the warm-yet-still-comfortable) seat. Who knows with Dayton and Co., though.

Here's hoping Duffy can turn it around and inject some #gnar into the game and the offense.

If you are thinking to yourself, "Who is this dude?", well, I am the artist formerly known as Yodazilla. I am impartial to Matt/Matthew so call me whatever. Well, not whatever. You get the point.