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Royals go softly into the spring night

Punchless (adj.) - without punch.
Punchless (adj.) - without punch.
Ed Zurga

Two hits.

That's about all you need to know.

Two lousy hits.

Maybe the Royals best chance came in the fourth when Eric Hosmer doubled and took third on a wild pitch. And Billy Butler struck out.


Or maybe in the fifth when Danny Valencia led off with a single. But he was thrown out trying for second.


Alex Gordon did walk with one out in the second. But then Valencia grounded out and Alcides Escobar lined out.


Oh, in the eighth, Butler walked with one out. Then Gordon and Valencia struck out.

Sigh. And sigh.

There are more sighs in this post than Royal base hits. This offense is rancid. Year Eight.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the pair of runs the Royals scored off Phil Coke in the ninth. Consolation runs after the Tigers opened a 9-0 lead. But hey, no shutout. In a way, that feels like a win.

I don't even want to discuss Danny Duffy. But four innings was the over/under set prior to the game. He hit that square.

The only victory of the night.