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Friday OT Open Thread: Valgus Overload Edition

What a week. A new site editor (who won't get off my back!), Yordano's injury, and a new hitting coach. Take a break from it all, will ya?

Tom Szczerbowski

I blame Craig Brown.

He leaves Royals Review, and on his way out he demotes Moustakas, breaks Yordano Ventura, and gets Pedro Grifol fired. THANKS, CRAIG!

I have to thank everyone for bearing with us in this transition phase, in particular the writing staff who has done a wonderful job providing timely, interesting material to read. And the Royals sure make it easy with their foibles. Don't ever change Dayton! I'm sure things will slow down here before too long and we'll be debating minutiae like the size of Alex Gordon's calves or the correct usage of the word "theory'. In the meantime, this has been a fun rush for me, and I hope you've enjoyed what we've been able to produce.

Four Reassigned to Catching Instructor Questions:

1. Who is the best assistant coach in baseball history?

2. What's the worst thing a boss ever did or said to you, or made you do?

3. Are the Royals buyers, sellers, or stand-patters at the July deadline?

4. What concert, movie, vacation, other event, are you most excited for this summer?

BONUS: Laura Prepon or Mila Kunis?

BONUS 2: What is the purpose of garage windows?