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Game 54 Open Thread - Kansas City Royals (25-28) vs. Toronto Blue Jays (32-23)

The Royals are undefeated in the Dale Sveum era.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The Royals continue their series north of the border and while everyone was focused on how the offense seemed to improve last night under the tutelage of new hitting coach Dale Sveum, everyone seems to be overlooking the fact that Salvador Perez caught nearly every ball thrown at him. Pedro Grifol has already been worth his weight in gold.

Here is your Royals vs. Edwin Encarnacion Home Runs in the Month of May Watch:


We now have Dale Sveum though. Check. Mate.

Both of tonight's left-handed starters have been blessed by the BABIP fairy thus far. Jays starter J.A. Happ has always struggled to throw strikes and has a 5.2 walks per nine innings ratio for this season, so he should cruise tonight. Jason Vargas has twice given up seven runs in a start this month but was quite good in his other three May starts.

Line 'em up!