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Padres Preview: Wet noodles at ten paces


If you're a fan of offense, you probably aren't interested in this week's three game series in San Diego. On second thought, if you're a fan of offense, what are you doing reading a Royals blog?

National League baseball. Who else can't wait for Ned Yost to empty his bench for pinch running purposes and then have his pitcher hit in a key situation in the ninth? This is going to be so fun.

Check out some of these numbers. I went ahead and added league averages for a little context.


Both teams have strong pitching, otherwise this would be ugly.


Throw it in a hopper, mix it up and gaze at the totals.


The Padres are scoring 2.6 runs per game. In the 21st century.

From MLB Depth Charts, this is a likely iteration of their lineup they will be rolling out this week. For fun, see if you can spot any weaknesses.


I love they will platoon their clean-up hitter. Oh, National League, you throwback, you.


Finally, this is how the probable starters stack up going forward.