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Game XXXI Open Thread - Los Fathers de San Diego vs. the Royals of Kansas City

The Royals face off against the dastardly Dads in a match-up for the ages. Yordano Viagra takes the mound.

It's Yordano Ventura Day (again)!
It's Yordano Ventura Day (again)!
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Will the Royals continue their march forward towards their goal of a winless May? Only time will tell. A loss tonight would make it 0 - 5. Of course, if they continue to scuffle maybe this thin-skinned, clueless front office would be sent off quietly into the night.

Louie returns tonight. Set your DVRs. Or rather watch Louie, turn it back to the Royals game, see that the offense has gone to sleep on Yordano Ventura Day.

It sucks when it's hard to get it up for Yordano Ventura Day. Hopefully #YordanoViagra does its majick.

Yordano Ventura and the Royals face off against Eric Stoltz. The Bob Seger soundtrack for tonight's game will be replaced with Springsteen when the DVD is released. Watch for Sam Elliott riding into the stadium with a biker gang, only for Stoltz to get replaced after two weeks by Michael J. Fox.