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Red hot Royals pummel Padres

Two in a row. Red hot. There will be no debate.

No clue.
No clue.
Denis Poroy

Being a worker bee for The Man, my access to day baseball is limited to streaming radio broadcasts over the web. That means, I was subjected to an afternoon of The Steves. Which means I really don't know what happened.

I can read a box score, though. It looks like, just a day after Dayton Moore made some questionable comments, the Royals did get some runners on base. Nineteen of them, in fact. And they were 4-12 with runners in scoring position. Not great, but that got them eight runs.

-- James Shields threw 118 pitches over seven innings. Since we only get a maximum of 24 more starts from him as a Royal, I'm fine with this.

-- Looks like Eric Hosmer made another out on the bases. According to the TOOTBLAN tracker, that's his seventh on the year. Tied with Yasiel Puig and Starling Marte for most in the majors. Good job. Good effort.

-- Norichicka Aoki meant business. Six plate appearances, 15 pitches, three hits.

-- Eric Hosmer came up three times with runners in scoring position. He collected hits each of those times. Four runs driven in total. Nice day.

-- Presented without comment: Mike Moustakas. 99 at bats. .152/.225/.323.

-- No inherited runners scored. Probably because there were no inherited runners in the game. I'll do some more investigating.

-- Tomorrow: The Royals visit Bob Dutton for four games.