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Moustakas recalled

Danny Valencia lands on the disabled list.

Ed Zurga

If you were wondering if Mike Moustakas is fixed, the answer is a resounding yes. And it only took a week! Thanks, Dale Sveum!

Moustakas played just eight games in Omaha, hitting .355/.412/.548 with three doubles and a home run. Moose collected six hits in his last two games with the Stormchasers.

Valencia sprained his hand in last Sunday's game against the Angels, causing him to miss a few games this week, but returned in Toronto to go 0-8 with four strikeouts. With the hand apparently still bothering him, the Royals elected to bring back Moustakas.

The Royals can also make a roster move today if they elect to send Aaron Brooks back to Omaha today, although they may wait to see if Yordano Ventura can make his next start.